Like any other tourist destination, you’ll find taxis as a main transportation of getting around if you don’t have a rental car. You could use public transportation, but that’s more of hassle for a tourist when trying to move their luggage and other belongings. You will eventually be using some type of ride service when you’re a tourist.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the basics such a fares, rules, and tipping when riding in a taxi-cab here in Las Vegas.

We’ll also discuss the other alternatives to taxis-(cabs) such as Uber and Lyft, which have been dominating the market quite recently with their cheaper and faster services.

Understanding How Taxi-Cabs Work in Las Vegas

The ride services here in Las Vegas for the taxi-cab industry is actually tightly regulated. There are things you can and can’t do here when compared to other popular cities.

In particular, you can’t just wait on the street and expect to be picked up immediately. Taxi-cabs actually have certain locations where they can pick up customers and drop them off as well, which are just designated taxi areas in hotels and establish points.

So, lets bullet point these pickup locations:

  • Usually the front of any casino/hotel
  • Baggage claim area at the airport
  • Designated┬áTaxi Pick Up Points

Here is a decent video on pickup location at the airport

As additional information, there are 16 taxi companies that service the Las Vegas area.

Cab Fares?

When you first enter a taxi-cab, the taxi driver will normally start the taximeter (which is referred to as “drop”) and an initial $3.30 will register.

If you’re starting from McCarran International Airport, you’re probably looking at a $1.80 surcharge that’s added to the taximeter.

After the taximeter has started, the taximeter will access the fare of $2.60 cents per mile, and if the taxi is moving between 8 to 12 MPH. The taximeter will asses a charge of $0.25 cents per 30 seconds, which is why you see the meter running upwards as you wait in slow moving traffic.

Sucks right? Yeah…

So, if you’ve just landed from McCarran International Airport and have a hotel room on the strip. Your cab fare could cost anywhere from $20.00 to $25.00 depending on the traffic and waiting time.

  • McCarran Airport to Strip Hotel/Casino – ($20.00 to $25.00)
  • McCarran Airport to Downtown – ($25.00-$30.00)

Tipping Your Taxi-Cab Driver

Rule of thumb for tipping your Taxi-Cab driver is usually $1-2 dollars for a direct route, or the 15/20 percent rule. Tipping really depends on you and the experience you had with the driver.

Here are some average fare prices from http://vegas.com

Hotel Average Fare
Aria $20.20
Bally’s $21.20
Bellagio $21.95
Caesars $21.20
Circus Circus $28.90
Cosmopolitan $22.15
Flamingo $19.75
Harrah’s $21.20
Luxor $18.25
Mandalay Bay $20.05
MGM Grand $16.40
Mirage $23.65
Monte Carlo $20.05
Palace Station $27.63
Paris $21.00
Rio $25.35
Riviera $26.80
Stratosphere $25.00
The Linq $21.68
Treasure Island $25.75
The Venetian $26.45
Wynn Las Vegas $22.00

List of Taxi Companies

Las Vegas taxi companies

Ace/ABC Union/ANLV/Vegas Western Cab Company
(702) 888-4888Deluxe Taxicab Service
(702) 567-0557

Desert Cab Company
(702) 386-9102

Henderson Taxi Company
(702) 384-2322


Lucky Cab Co.
(702) 477-7555Nellis Cab Company
(702) 248-1111

Western Cab Company
(702) 736-8000

Whittlesea/Blue Cab Company
(702) 384-6111

Yellow/Checker/Star Cab
(702) 873-2000

Riding Uber and/or Lyft

Uber and Lyft has been dominating the ride industry recently with all the cheaper fares and services. It seems to be the hip thing nowadays to do and slowly affecting the taxi-cab industry.

Unforunately, Uber and Lyft drivers have to obey the same rules as taxi-cabs. They can only pickup and drop off at certain locations in Las Vegas. However, the lines are much faster as most of the ride needs to automated between you and the driver.

As a passenger, you would need the Uber or Lyft Ride app, create an account and basically enter your destination.

An Uber or Lyft driver will accept your request and pick you up at the designated locations. Its quick and easy, also much cheaper than driving in a taxi.

So if you’re in town, possibly on a budget, you can use Uber and/or Lyft has your main transportation.




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