What Are Las Vegas Nightclub Dress Codes?


Nightclubs in less populated cities have more leniency when it comes to their dress code. However, if you’re planning to come to Las Vegas expecting to get into the hottest nightclubs in the world in baggy jeans and a hat.

Think again!

Most Las Vegas Nightclubs here enforce a strict dress code whether you’re on a special guest list or have an expensive bottle service. It’s really all the same, they want you there fashionably, dress to impress. After all, these are high end nightclubs built to cater all the popular celebrities, DJ’s and the lavish clienteles that come rolling through.

The dress codes discussed here apply mainly to men as women can usually get away almost anything with a nice dress and high heels, just don’t come in looking like you woke up though.

So, now that we have the general idea, lets get into some do’s and don’ts of the Las Vegas Nightclub Dress Codes even if you’re on general admission or guest list (How Does Las Vegas Guest List work)

What Isn’t allowed In A Vegas Nightclub


This doesn’t apply to all nightclubs but most will tell you that you can’t wear certain types of clothing into a nightclub. So, its best to leave them home before lining up for the nightclub and risk being turned away.

  • Baggy Jeans
  • Hats/Caps (Exceptions are like fedoras)
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Shorts
  • Cut Offs
  • Capris
  • Jerseys
  • Beanies

Just use this list a general guideline when trying to dress appropriately because you really don’t want to be turned away at the spot with all your friends and end up redressing, or not entering at all.

The basic idea when deciding to dress up for the nightclub is to think, dress to impress. This normally translates into a collared shirt, sleek and stylish jean or dress pant and leather dress shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

So here are some frequently asked questions if you still feel unsure on the dress code for Las Vegas Nightclubs

Do I need to wear a button up shirt?

It’s recommended that you do wear a button up shirt as that definitely adheres to the Las Vegas dress code, there will be no way the doorman can deny you entrance that way.

Are T-Shirts allowed?

Yes, we know that t-shirts are comfortable and probably provide better air flow from all the dancing you might be doing but t-shirts are normally not allow.

However, its becoming more and more common to see this transition of people in the clubs with t-shirts, probably due to being locals or friends with the doorman. It could also be that they entered the club with a shirt underneath and took off their collared shirt during the night.

Dress Pants or Jeans?

We recommend dress pants, especially in a high end nightclub. However,  you can definitely get away with nice sleek jeans if you have a nice collared shirt.

We understand dress pants may give you the feeling of being at work, or some type of formal employee.

So dress in jeans if that is more comfortable, just not baggy or too saggy.

How about shoes?

The safe bet is to always wear dress shoes, normally leather but we have seen people with black tennis shoes that look similar to dress shoes get in. Just don’t go in with shoes with a huge white Nike logo, white shoe laces and some black thinking you’ll get in.


If you have a stylish hat that goes with the outfit like a beret. Don’t expect to get in with a snapback, beanie or baseball cap.


To a nightclub? Not sure why you WOULD want to wear sunglasses into a dark environment. We recommend that you don’t wear sunglasses because it doesn’t make sense and it won’t make sense to the doorman, or the girl you’re trying to impress.

We have dayclubs for that if you really want to show them off!


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