Las Vegas Day Trips

There is so much more to Vegas than the city lights, alcohol and music. If you're planning to explore the outskirts of the city then you're in for a treat because we have some best iconic locations to visit.

Places like the Grand Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Hoover damn and many others you have to visit. So take a day away from the city life, step into the outdoors and see the other beauties Vegas has to offer.

We'll list some great places to go to and a bit of information to help make your trip much smoother.

You can also take a look at some of the tour packages available. You'll have a much better, overall experience when guided with an expert tour guide.


The Grand Canyon

Distance from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon is 5 hours drive.

No other destination has as many viewing options as the Grand Canyon - after all, it's one of the most popular national parks in the nation. We are adding a trip to the Grand Canyon on our list of one day trips, but honestly, that's really stretching it. The Grand Canyon is in Arizona and it's approximately 300 miles from Las Vegas.

More Information

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  • Driving Directions to the Grand Canyon
  • Things to do at the Grand Canyon


Red Rock Canyon

Distance - Approximately 2 miles west of the 215/West and Red Rock Casino

Red Rock Canyon is located west of Las Vegas on West Charleston Blvd. You'll be able to take a one-way 13 mile scenic route, check out the visitor's center about hiking and trails, wildlife, vegetation, geology, cultural resources and more. 

Hours of Operation (May Vary)

Scenic Drive

  • October - (6AM - 7PM)
  • November-February (6AM - 5PM)
  • March (6AM - 7PM)
  • April-September (6AM- 8PM)

Visitor's Center is open everyday from 8AM to 430PM

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Hoover Dam

Distance - 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas

Hoover Dam was built more than 70 years ago, standing strong at more than 700 feet high making this an amazing Nevada spectacle. Today, nearly a million people tour the Hoover Dam annually. Be sure to book a tour and tickets to the Hoover Dam. You don't want to miss this opportunity if you're in Las Vegas.

Hours of Operation
Hoover Dam visitor's center is open everyday except Thanksgiving and Christmas

  • 1st Powerplant Tour departs - 9:25AM
  • 2nd Powerplanet Tour departs - 3:55PM
  • First Dam Tour - 930AM
  • Last Dam Tour - 330PM

More Information

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Mt. Charleston

Distance - 15 miles outside of Las Vegas

Las Vegas sizzles with excitement, but let's face it -- the summer heat can get out of control. Temperatures reaching 115 degrees. The 160th straight day of sun. Even the most ardent of sun worshippers are looking for a break and hotel swimming pools and air-conditioned malls just aren't enough.

Luckily just 35 miles northwest of Las Vegas visitors can find all the cool mountain breezes, fresh air and all-around scenic beauty of Mount Charleston.

Part of the Spring Mountain Range and Toiyabe National Forest, Mount Charleston ranges from 3,000 to 12,000 feet in elevation. It is Nevada's eighth-highest mountain peak and one of the Top 10 most topographically prominent peaks in the United States.

Featuring trees like juniper, mountain mahogany, Aspen and Ponderosa pine and animals such as wild burros, songbirds, deer and desert tortoises, Mount Charleston feels a million miles away from the city. 

Get your hiking stick, bottled water and Timberland boots ready. The hiking trails at Mount Charleston (52 miles total) will amaze you.

Hours of Operation

  • Open 24/7