Bellagio Water Show Times – Dancing Fountains Schedule

The Bellagio Fountain Show is an amazing visual and musical feat in the heart of Las Vegas. This stunning free attraction drives millions of tourist to this iconic landmark ever since 1998, when the resort first opened. Definitely, a must see show for any tourist visiting Las Vegas.

So when and how often does it play? This is a very common question.

Well, the Bellagio Fountain schedule is very easy to remember. A basic idea is that the fountain show runs every half and hour (30 minutes) in the afternoons and every 15 minutes at nights. It runs daily year after year and only stops when there are extreme disruptive winds.

Bellagio fountain showtime schedule

We have more specific times posted below
Bellagio Fountain Schedule

Monday – Friday
3:00 PM to 8 PM : Every 1/2 hour.

8 PM to Midnight: Every 15 minutes.

Saturdays (and Holidays)
Noon – 8 PM : Every 1/2 hour.

8 PM to Midnight: Every 15 minutes.

11 AM to 7 PM: Every 1/2 hour.
7 PM to Midnight: Every 15 minutes.

History of the Fountain Show

Originally, when the Bellagio Resort first opened in 1998, the water show as supposedly planned to have colored lights. As many times as we have seen this show, it would look oddly strange to picture colored lights versus the clear elegant visuals we see today.

No surprise, the fountain was a massive hit during the 1998 opening, making this an iconic free attraction in Las Vegas history. With Steve Wynn’s vision in mind, it pulled in many tourist from the strip.

Music Sound Tracks

Standard Tracks

Title: One, Singular Sensation.
Artist: Original Broadway Cast. Composer: Marvin Hamlisch.
Work: A Chorus Line, Broadway Musical. Year: 1975. Length 4:43

Title: Fly Me To The Moon.
Artist: Frank Sintra w/ Count Basie Bart Howard. Composer: Bart Howard.
Work: The Very Best of Frank Sinatra. Year: 1957. Length 2:28

Title: Hoe-Down.
Artist: London Symphony Orchestra. Composer: Aaron Copland.
Work: Rodeo. Year: 1988. Length 3:30

Title: Simple Gifts.
Artist: London Symphony Orchestra. Composer: Aaron Copland.
Work: Appalachian Spring. Year: 1988. Length 3:12

Title: Singin’ in the Rain.
Artist: Gene Kelly. Composer: Alex North.
Work: Singin’ in the Rain, Movie Musical. Year: 1952. Length 3:32

Title: Rondine al Nido.
Artist: Luciano Pavarotti. Composer: Vicenzo de Crescenzo.
Work: La Rondine, Opera. Year: 1990. Length 3:23

Title: Overture/All That Jazz.
Artist: Catherine Zeta-Jones. Composer: Fred Ebb & John Kander.
Work: Chicago Soundtrack. Year: 2002. Length 4:34

Title: Your Song.
Artist: Elton John. Composer: Bernie Taupin.
Work: Elton John. Year: 1970. Length: 4:10

Title: God Bless The USA.
Artist: Lee Greenwood. Composer: Lee Greenwood.
Work: American Patriot. Year: 1992. Length: 3:57

Title: Star Spangled Banner.
Artist: Whitney Houston. Composer: Francis Scott Key.
Work: CD Single. Year: 2001. Length: 5:08

Title: The Ecstasy of Gold.
Artist: Ennio Morricone.
Length: 3:22

Title: Pink Panther.
Artist: Henry Mancini. Composer: Henry Mancini.
Work: The Pink Panther, Movie Soundtrack. Year: 1964. Length: 2:39

Title: UpTown Funk.
Artist: Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars. Composer: Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars.
Work: UpTown Special. Year: 2015. Length 4:29

Title: Luck Be A Lady.
Artist: Frank Sinatra. Composer: Frank Losser.
Work: Guys & Dolls, Broadway Musical. Year: 1955. Length 5:14

Title: Winter Games.
Artist: David Foster. Composer: David Foster.
Work: Composed for Winter Olympics. Year: 1987. Length 3:00

Title: Hey, Big Spender.
Artist: Gwen Verdon & Original Broadway Cast. Composer: Cy Coleman.
Work: Sweet Charity, Broadway Musical. Year: 1966. Length 3:35

Title: Con Te Partiro (Time to Say Goodbye).
Artist: Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman. Composer: F.Sartori, L.Quarantotto.
Work: Pop Song. Year: 1996. Length 4:04

Title: This Kiss.
Artist: Faith Hill. Composer: Beth Nielsen Chapman, Annie Roboff and Robin Lerner.
Work: Faith. Year: 1998. Length 3:00

Title: Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini.
Artist: Mikhail Rudy. Composer: Sergei Rachmaninov.
Work: Theme of Paganini. Year: 1992. Length: 2:55

Title: Viva Las Vegas. 
Artist: Elvis Presley. Composer: George E. Stoll.
Work: Viva Las Vegas Soundtrack. Year: 1966. Length: 3:22

Title: Hayaneh – Suite: Dawn, Ayeshe’s Dance.
Artist: London Symphony Orchestra. Composer: Aram Ll’yich Khachaturian.
Work: Spartacus. Year: 1942. Length 4:12

Title: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
Artist: The Beatles. Composer: John Lennon & Paul McCartney.
Work: St. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Year: 1967. Length: 3:29

Title: In the Mood.
Artist: Ralph Camichael. Composer: Glenn Miller.
Work: Ralph Carmichael Presents Big Band. Year: 199. Length: 3:30

Title: Billie Jean.
Artist: Michael Jackson. Composer: Michael Jackson.
Work: Thriller Special Edition CD. Year: 2001. Length: 4:47

Title: My Heart Will Go On.
Artist: Celine Dion. Composer: James Horner. Lyrics by Will Jennings.
Work: Let’s Talk About Love & Titanic: Music From the Motion Picture. Year: 1997. Length: 5:08

Holiday Music



Title: Hallelujah Chorus.
Artist: Mormon Tabernacle Choir Cast. Composer: Handel.
Work: The Messiah, Oratorio. Year: 1992. Length 3:53
Title: Carol Of The Bells.
Artist: Los Angeles Master Chorale. Composer: M. Leontovich.
Work: Christmas Carol. Year: 1996. Length 1:29
Title: O Holy Night.
Artist: Placido Domingo. Composer: Placide Clappeau.
Work: Christmas Carol Year: 1984. Length 3:57
Title: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.
Artist: Johnny Mathis. Composer: Meredith Wilsom.
Work: Christmas Carol. Year: 1997. Length 2:18


Title: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.
Artist: Johnny Mathis. Composer: Eddi Pola & George Wyle.
Work: Christmas Carol. Year: 1997. Length 2:45

Title: We Need a Little Christmas.
Artist: Johnny Mathis. Composer: Jerry Herman.
Work: Mame, Broadway Musical. Year: 1997. Length: 1:54

Title: Sleigh Ride.
Artist: Johnny Mathis. Composer: Leroy Anderson.
Work: Christmas Carol. Year: 1997. Length: 2:57

Title: Santa Baby.
Artist: Madonna. Composer: J. Javita & P. Springer.
Work: Mame, Broadway Musical. Year: 1987. Length: 3:57

Best Viewing Spots

There really is no bad spot to watch the show from as the show is visible from very far distances. The water shoots up 500 feet into the air and covers the a good width of 8 and a half acres.

However, if you wanted a good position view, you may want to arrive 10 minutes earlier to get a good center location. Also, having a room booked facing the fountain wouldn’t hurt either 🙂

Bellagio fountain showtime schedule


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